3 teens injured, 1 killed in shooting on Detroit's east side

26-year-old man is a suspect

DETROIT – A 15-year-old was killed and three other teens were injured in a shooting on Detroit's east side, according to Detroit police.

A 15-year-old boy and a 16-year-old boy are listed as in serious condition. A 16-year-old boy is listed as in temporary serious condition.

The shooting happened Wednesday night inside a home on Longholm Street, near Seven Mile Road and East Outer Drive.

Jaquaella Vereen lives a block away from where the shooting occurred.

"I pray our city gets a lot better, because we have kids dropping and dying every day," Vereen said. "That's why my kids and I stay in the house, we stay locked up in this house."

Detroit police are working to find out why the teenagers were in the house to begin with.

"What they're doing here, I don't believe they live here, what's exactly going on in this house. We're working on it, is it a drug house or just hanging (out)? I don't know all those facts," said commander Eric Decker, with Detroit police.

"The streets will whip you faster than your parents will," Vereen said. "Kids, please, stay close to home, stay out of mess."

Detroit police believe two men fired the shots. Police consider them a threat.

"There's somebody out there with a gun with the nerve to shoot four individuals, kids, so they're certainly a dangerous individual," Decker said.

Vereen hopes the act is weighing on the shooter.

"I hope you find it in your heart to feel guilty, some type of guilt or shame and go ahead and do what needs to be done," Vereen said.

Police said the three teenagers at the hospital are cooperating with investigators. Police believe one of the gunmen is a 26-year-old man. They haven't revealed what caused the shooting.

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