Fundraising campaign launched in honor of Metro Detroit family killed in crash


DETROIT – A fundraising campaign to support Mothers Against Drunk Driving (MAAD) has been launched in honor of the a Northville family tragically killed in a crash last weekend.

Issam Abbas, and Issam's wife, 38-year-old Rima Abbas, along with their three children were killed Sunday morning in a crash on I-75 in Lexington, Kentucky. The couple and their children -- 14-year-old Ali Abbas, 13-year-old Isabella Abbas and 7-year-old Giselle Abbas -- were headed home from a vacation in Florida.

Rima Abbas was a well-known doctor in Garden City with Beaumont Health and the Abbas family was heavily involved in the community. Her husband, Issam, worked as a realtor in the area.

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A spokesperson for the family said various public announcements, including fake GoFundMe accounts have popped up following the tragic events. 

"The family appreciates the generosity, yet Rana and her parents and Nawal and her siblings respectfully ask that any activities in honor of their beloved Issam, Rima, AJ, Izzy and Giselle be discussed with the family first."

So, here's the official fundraising information. You can click here to donate to MAAD in honor of the Abbas family

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