More testimony laid out in deadly Warren high school stabbing case

Teen accused of fatally stabbing classmate

WARREN, Mich. – New testimony and evidence was laid out in court Friday against Tanaya Lewis in the Fitzgerald High School stabbing case.

Lewis, 17, is charged with first-degree murder as she stands accused of fatally stabbing 16-year-old Danyna Gibson in September in a classroom at Fitzgerald High School in Warren.

You can watch Friday's testimony in the video posted above.

Lewis is accused of pulling out a straight-edge kitchen knife, which she had brought from home, and stabbing Gibson two times in the chest. During the initial attack, Gibson was stabbed in the heart, according to police. She was pronounced dead less than an hour later.

Danyna Gibson (WDIV)
Danyna Gibson (WDIV)

Ex-boyfriend testifies

In February, Lewis' ex-boyfriend Evan Gorospe testified in court about a controlling relationship and said Lewis didn't approve of his friendship with Gibson. 

"She was yelling at me," Gorospe said. "Like, 'Don't have any girls at your house. That's not allowed. You're not allowed to talk to girls. She's not allowed over anymore.'"

He said Gibson told him Lewis cheated on him and just before the deadly attack, he received confusing texts from Lewis.

"She goes, 'It's time,' and I said, 'What do you mean?'" Gorospe said. 

When he found out Gibson had been stabbed, Gorospe texted Lewis asking what she did.

"I texted her again asking, "What'd you do, why'd you do this?'" Gorospe said. "There could have been another way, but she never responded."

Teacher testifies

Sara Sonnenfeld, the teacher in the classroom, also told the court her perception of what happened. 

"I see Tanaya running ... this is where I notice something silver,"

That something silver was the knife. Sonnenfeld said she pushed Lewis out of the classroom as she was yelling awful things. 

"She told Evan, 'I hope she dies, I hope she dies," said the teacher. 

Richard Williams, who is the school resource officer, ran into the classroom and tried giving Danyna CPR. 

"I immediately knew that she was in trouble," said Williams. "I rolled her over and that's when I noticed there were two puncture wounds."

More testimony expected

A Warren police detective will testify and is expected to describe his version of what happened, and what those involved in the case, including Tanaya, said after the stabbing. 

The judge will have to determine if there is enough evidence to send this case to circuit court.

If convicted, Lewis could face life in prison.

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