GM replaces Blazer with Traverse at Comerica Park fountain

Blazer is made in Mexico; display led to controversy, pushback from UAW, workers

DETROIT – The 2019 Chevrolet Blazer is General Motors' new mid-sized SUV. When it was time for GM to put cars on display above their Chevrolet fountain, they chose a Silverado and the Blazer.

But the Blazer is made in Mexico, so the display led to controversy and pushback from the UAW and workers.

On Saturday morning, General Motors made a change, replacing the Blazer with a Traverse, which is built in Lansing.

"Makes sense that this is a car town. We should have cars made in Michigan on our baseball stadium," Tigers fan Hallie Prescott said.

The Prescotts said they never paid much attention to the type of car displayed above the fountatin.

"As a baseball fan, Tigers fan, I can't say I would have, I think, particularly noticed. I'll probably have a little bit more awareness, but previously no," John Prescott said.

They said they understand why the workers would be upset and that they support them.

"If that's what the people who make the cars here locally and support the communiity felt was a good move, then I suppose I'm behind it," John Prescott said.

Now, the Chevrolet fountain totes the 2019 Traverse and 2019 Silverado above Comerica Park. Specifically, the vehicles are a 2019 Chevrolet Traverse High Country that's built in Lansing and a 2019 Silverado LT Trail Boss that's built in Fort Wayne, Indiana.

"We want people to enjoy baseball without distractions, so we have replaced the Chevrolet Blazer with a Chevrolet Traverse at the Comerica Park fountain," GM said in a statement. "American workers contribute significantly to the success of the Chevrolet Blazer. The Blazer generates more than half a billion dollars into the U.S. manufacturing economy each year, helping support thousands of good-paying U.S. jobs."

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