Study finds Hamtramck is most stressed city in Michigan

Unemployment, long working hours considered stress factors

HAMTRAMCK, Mich. – A job-finder website performed a study and determined Hamtramck is the most stressed city in Michigan.

Zippia determined Hamtramck is a stressed city because not enough people are working, and those who are working have long hours and commutes.

Home prices are too high, and apparently Hamtramck's 2.09 square miles isn't nearly enough for its 22,000 people, Zippia found.

"You put 20,000 people in two square miles and people are going to get stressed out," Hamtramck resident Bob Pachla said.

As it turns out, some Hamtramck residents have an even longer list of what makes them stressed.

"I always considered Hamtramck to be the Ellis Island of the Midwest," one resident said. "People come in affordable house, they get jobs and they move out and someone else comes in."

"You can walk down the street and find people from all different countries," a resident said.

Many residents said the city is a little different, but the stress is nothing they can't overcome.

"The good things about Hamtramck is it keeps going," a resident said. "It always seems to come back and fight back, so there's always been hope for the city."

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