Gov. Whitmer spotlights crumbling bridge in Dearborn to push for more road funding

DEARBORN, Mich. – From dangerous intersections to dangerous driving conditions Gov. Gretchen Whitmer stopped in Dearborn to push for her plan to raise the gas tax to fix the crumbling roads.

She spoke with a crumbling bridge as the backdrop. Michigan's infrastructure problem is not a secret. The overpass next to the Dearborn truck plant at the corner of Miller Road and Rotunda Drive is crumbling but the problem is bigger than that.

Many of the original supports have rusted through and they've installed temporary I-beams to prop the bridge up. Whitmer took a tour of the rusting remains to drive home her point that Michigan needs a budget that makes massive road funding increases.

She has been proposing a 45-cent gallon gas tax. Supporting her concerns about the Oakman Overpass was the Ford-Dearborn truck plant manager, Debbie Mazano.

Watch the video above for Rod Meloni's full report.


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