Help Me Hank: Rock 'n Play recall, scammers sending fake letters, Fourth of July deals

DETROIT – Hi everyone.

I hope this note finds you well. Get ready -- it’s about to get hot. It's not ideal weather for the Rocket Mortgage Classic underway at the Detroit Golf Club, but it’s better than rain, so let’s just hope that stays away.

I was at the club last week, checking out the setup and the team there did a great job. Detroit looks fantastic. My best advice: Take an Uber as parking will be challenging.

This week, we tackled a number of consumer stories. We begin with pool safety. This is a big concern for me. I have a pool and I worry about my daughter being around it. But this pertains to anyone who is heading to a friend’s pool or a neighborhood pool this summer, as well.

Yes, adults need to keep an eye on kids around the pool 24/7, but no one is perfect. Accidents happen. So we tested out some new technology that can offer additional protection. One product is backed by Olympic Skier Bodie Miller, who tragically lost his daughter last year after she drowned in a friend’s pool. Look out for that story on my Facebook page later.

Is your cellphone a germ playground? Mine must be, since I have a baby and a dog and the phone gets thrown all over. We tested several cleaning options and products and I was surprised by the results. My grandma cleaned everything with Windex and I’m carrying on that tradition.

Yes, even on my phone. But my phone has a protective shield on the screen to protect it from the Windex solution!

I hope you have a great weekend!



Recall of the week

Remember the Fisher-Price Rock 'n Play Recall and how it took 30 infant deaths for the company to finally recall it? That really fired me up in April. It was grossly irresponsible. I couldn’t stand how long it took for that to happen. Well, the company must have seen the light. It’s recalling a baby accessory that is the same shape, but no deaths have occurred.

It’s the inclined sleeper accessory that sits on top of the play yards. They’ve been sold from October 2014 to January 2019. The play yard is still OK to use.

You can return the accessory for a refund.

Scam of the week

Scammers are targeting people who live up north or have homes up there.

They’re sending fake letters, warning of past-due tax debts. One taxpayer in Emmet County said the letter looked very real. It even had some correct information about their tax history. It told them to call a 1-800 number or their property, bank account and income would be seized. I would freak out! The Treasury Department says these are fake letters. Call the state at 517-636-5265 if you get a letter like this.

Deal of the week

Meijer has some great deals happening in time for the Fourth of July holiday.

Patriotic clothing is up to 40% off.

There are great deals on outside and camping gear, including buy one, get one free deals on camping chairs and hammocks and 50% off an air mattress. Get shopping!

Stories of the week

Need to get away from the Fourth of July holiday weekend? There are still plenty of travel deals happening. If you’re looking to stay here, Michigan has a ton of things you can do. I never realized how helpful the Pure Michigan website is for planning a trip to anywhere in our state. The next Michigan adventure I take, I’m going to use it!

We took a look at all the travel concerns for the Dominican Republic.

Thankfully, we were able to help a local couple who are having a dispute with American Airlines.

Plenty of airlines are working with customers on a case-by-case basis, but some, such as Delta Air Lines, are letting you cancel and rebook flights, no questions asked.

I don’t know about you, but I would be very cautious about to the Dominican Republic until the nation figures out what’s going on. People can say the issues are being blown out of proportion, but your lives are at stake. That shouldn’t be taken lightly by anyone. It’s unfortunate all around.

You have a few days until we roll into July. It’s a great time to score deals on movie theatre tickets and promotions and certain clothing and beauty products. Get the good deals before all the new summer -- and, dare I say, fall -- merchandise rolls out.

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