The majority of Michigan's most dangerous roundabouts are in Oakland County

Orchard Lake Road at 14 Mile Road is worst

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OAKLAND COUNTY, Mich. – Oakland County has the bulk of Michigan's most dangerous roundabouts, according to data from Michigan Auto Law.

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The roundabout at Orchard Lake Road at 14 Mile Road topped the list. It had 144 crashes with 20 reported injuries in 2018.

See the top 10 most dangerous roundabouts below.

The Oakland County Road Commission said that while there have been crashes in the roundabout, there have been no serious injury crashes, making it safer than the regular intersection that used to be there.

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The road commission's spokesperson said changes are made to the county's roundabouts when the commission sees the need. For instance, some roundabouts have had lanes removed, dimensions changed and privacy fencing installed.

There are no plans to change the Orchard Lake Road at 14 Mile Road roundabout.

Michigan's most dangerous roundabouts in 2018:

1. Orchard Lake Road at 14 Mile Road in Farmington Hills/West Bloomfield
Crashes: 144, Crashes w/ injuries: 20

2. 18 ½ Mile Road at Van Dyke Avenue in Sterling Heights
Crashes: 141, Crashes w/ injuries: 12

3. Martin Parkway at Pontiac Trail in Commerce Township
Crashes: 138, Crashes w/ injuries: 9

4. State Street at Ellsworth Road in Ann Arbor/Pittsfield Township
Crashes: 123, Crashes w/ injuries: 6

5. Farmington Road at Maple Road in West Bloomfield
Crashes: 77, Crashes w/ injuries: 11

6. Livernois Road at Hamlin Road in Rochester Hills
Crashes: 63, Crashes w/ injuries: 3

7. I-94 at Sprinkle Road in Comstock Township
Crashes: 54, Crashes w/ injuries: 0

8. Oakley Park Road at Martin Parkway in Commerce Township
Crashes: 51, Crashes w/ injuries: 3

9. Farmington Road at 14 Mile Road in Farmington Hills/West Bloomfield
Crashes: 49, Crashes w/ injuries: 8

10. Lee Road at Whitmore Lake Road in Green Oak Township
Crashes: 49, Crashes w/ injuries: 0

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