Rising water levels cause problems for Downriver communities

Water levels are so high that boats can't get under some bridges Downriver.

Gibraltar is one of several communities impacted by the high water levels -- waves break over seawalls and some bridges are unpassable. 

Three of the five Great Lakes reached record-high levels this year and the other two still might break their records.

"You can go get sandbags at city hall, but you have to fill them yourself," said Flo Jagielski. "That's a lot of work."

The grass surrounding Jagielski's home has taken in so much water, the yard has become spongey.

Brian Wegher raised the seawalls near his home a few years ago, but the current water levels have made him consider raising them again.

"There were a couple nights it got over," Wegher said. "It was like a surge."

Residents are hoping the water will subside soon. 

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