Jefferson Chalmers neighbors want more help to battle flooding from city

Flood, frusterated: Jefferson -Chalmers neighbors want more help

It’s all about surviving and protecting for neighbors in the Jefferson Chalmers neighborhood.

Their homes sit next to the canal.

“We put down about 600 sandbags that we picked up. It did stop some of the water,” Michael Seger said.

Water continued to swallow the canal.

“It’s not stopping,” Seger said.

That frustration continues to grow. Recently the city passed out a Notice of Emergency Order saying that it is going to fix the issue, but with stipulations.

“It says that the property owners are responsible for paying any costs involved with whatever they do. You don’t even have a choice in the matter. I don’t see how the city can be blaming the residents and people that live over here for this issue, when we can’t control this,” Seger said.

Local 4 contacted the city about the letters. We requested a statement but haven’t received it yet.