8-foot tall Sasquatch cutout returned to Michigan store with mysterious note

HOWELL, Mich. – In one part of Livingston County, the search was on for Bigfoot.

For centuries people have been on the hunt for Bigfoot, also known as Sasquatch. He turned up in Howell, but he's missing again.

An 8-foot-tall wooden cutout of Bigfoot used to stand guard outside Handmade in Howell and had become an impromptu landmark.

He was for sale -- and then he went missing.

Brandy Springborn is the owner of the specialty shop, and she said she used to bring the cutout inside at night but after it scratched the ceiling and proved so difficult to move, she decided to leave it outside at night. That's where Bigfoot sat for two months.

But on Monday, Bigfoot was missing. She believes someone, or multiple people, stole him overnight. 

UPDATE! Bigfoot has been returned! Springborn tells Local 4: "Our Bigfoot was returned last night. He is on the same wall he was taken from. He's wearing a skirt and a Hawaiian flower necklace smoking a cigarette. He had a note taped to his hand that said gone fishing." Check out the photo below:

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