Deadly shooting at Warren home wasn't random, Warren police commissioner says

WARREN, Mich. – Police have released new details regarding a deadly shooting that occurred Friday morning in Warren.

Neighbors said they often saw one family outside sitting on patio chairs as their two children would play basketball in the driveway. That family was asleep upstairs when shots were fired on the first floor during a violent home invasion.

"This has never happened in our neighborhood," one resident said. 

The neighborhood was stunned to see police tape surrounding the home on Blancke Drive. According to authorities, at about 2:30 a.m., a 26-year-old man broke into the home through a rear window and went straight to the bedroom of his target. 

"The victims says that's when he was confronted by the suspect, having two semi-automatic weapons, one in each hand," said Warren police Commissioner Bill Dwyer. "Which we question."

Warren police have doubts about the victim's version of events. What is confirmed is that when the incident was over, the intruder was dead and the victim was shot. 

A block away, Warren police found a woman waiting in a car. She was taken into custody.

"We did question her," Dwyer said. "She said she was going home in Roseville and we brought her in."

Police believe she knows the intended target. Detectives are investigating if the motive for the home invasion involved drugs or stemmed from a relationship. 

The investigation is ongoing.

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