Anonymous letter raised concerns about Wyandotte school volunteer facing sex charges

Letter was sent in 2018

WYANDOTTE, Mich. – A former elementary school volunteer is facing 15 child sex charges.

Michael Jerry Beebe, 47, was a volunteer in the Watch DOGS program at a Wyandotte school, police said. He worked at James Monroe Elementary and is facing those charges in three separate cases.

Last week, Local 4 uncovered Beebe's long criminal history and now we've learned about an anonymous letter that was sent to school officials in 2018, warning them about concerns over Beebe's alleged behavior.

Cheryl Atkins has two children who attend the elementary school.

"Never knew it would happen so close to my home, to the school my kids go to," Atkins said.

One family said their 6-year-old child recognized Beebe immediately.

"We were watching the news, she said, 'I know him,'" Jasmine Masserant said.

The family's shock turned to anger after they learned other parents had given Wyandotte school officials ample warning about Beebe's alleged behavior.

"If they knew about it, they should have looked into it further," Atkins said.

Last February, a parent with four children at the school wrote to Superintendent Catherine Cost directly to inform her that Beebe had a felony record.

In the letter, the parent said that they were concerned that he greeted kids during parent drop-off and were worried that he was walking around the halls during school hours. They also said he brought lunches in for specific children other than his own.

The letter was sent the day after Valentine's Day, which the parent called a breaking point. Beebe allegedly set up a Valentine's lunch for four students that included roses and gift bags outside the school office. The parent said he was getting out of hand.

Parents plan to attend a Board of Education meeting Tuesday night and said the reality of a potential predator so close to their children is just sinking in.

The superintendent had this to say:

"Some of the claims were factual and others were not. For example, Mr. Beebe was not able to freely walk the hallways. The letter was shown to Mr. Beebe by Mrs. Wilson (the principal) and they reviewed each incident to get his side of the story."

"The result was Mr. Beebe was no longer able to be a WATCH DOG as he had become a distraction to other adults."

Monday night the superintendent released the following letter:

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