Long-lost diary of World War II soldier returned to Michigan family

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Martin Ginter traveled to Detroit from Ohio to present Andrea Black and Janice Morgan with their uncle's diary.

It's not just any diary. Their uncle, Saul Kempner, was in the Air Force during World War II and kept a detailed account of everything he saw.

Kempner was one of the crew members of the Tomahawk Warrior, a B-17 that crashed in rural England during World War II. 

Ed Ginter, a soldier who had been in charge of cleaning out the lockers of fallen airmen, found the diary in a garbage can and took it home with him. 

Ginter died in May. Before he died, he made it clear to his son that he wanted the diary returned to Kempner's family. 

His son, Martin Ginter, made sure that wish was fulfilled.

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