Farmington Hills City Council candidate removed from ballot for missing words on paperwork

Theresa Rich now running as write-in candidate

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FARMINGTON HILLS, Mich. – A council member in Farmington Hills who was running for reelection is off the ballot because words were missing on paperwork.

Theresa Rich received a letter in April saying she was qualified to run, but was sent a letter a few week ago saying she's off the ballot.

Rich wrote "city" under the office title section of her affidavit, not "city council member." The detail was overlooked by the city clerk, who submitted it to Oakland County.

After the deadline had passed, Rich was informed that the paperwork was incorrect.

"It failed to say what type of office. It just said, 'City,' not 'mayor' or 'city,'" City Clerk Pam Smith said.

Rich sued Smith. She said two other candidates who also didn't write the entire position title had their affidavits approved.

Smith said the wording is used in election law language, so it was determined Rich shouldn't be on the ballot. A county judge ruled in Smith's favor.

"I was disappointed for my residents because it's not them who chooses, but a government bureaucrat," Rich said.

Rich is now running as a write-in candidate.

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