Danielle Stislicki murder case heads back to court today

Galloway charged in Stislicki's murder

FARMINGTON HILLS, Mich. – Testimony was heard Monday in the murder case of Danielle Stislicki, an Oakland County woman who went missing in December 2016.

The man accused of killing her, Floyd Galloway, heard just how much evidence prosecutors have gathered in this case. Stislicki's body has not been recovered, but despite that Galloway is facing a murder charge.

The parking out outside the 47th District Court had a "Find Dani" decal. People, mostly friends and family, lined up to get inside the courtroom. That's where Galloway came face-to-face with Stislicki's family.

#FindDani decal outside the courthouse. (WDIV)
#FindDani decal outside the courthouse. (WDIV)

Prosecutors presented evidence through new video, phone records and items from Galloway's apartment. Items they said linked Galloway to the young woman's murder. Her mother, Ann Stislicki, testified about Galloway's alleged infatuation with her daughter. Galloway worked in security where Danielle Stislicki worked.

"Danielle received flowers from an anonymous person while she was at work," Ann Stislicki said.


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Witnesses told the court Galloway was the last person seen with Stislicki. Video placed Galloway at a Tim Hortons near her home, he used the business phone to call for a taxi. Stislicki's keys were found along the same path Galloway walked to the coffee shop.

Two days after Stislicki's disappearance video showed Galloway at a Bed Bath and Beyond store purchasing a new comforter for his bedroom. When investigators got inside his apartment, they said they found remnants of what could be blood that was cleaned from the carpet.

"There was a piece in the bedroom, this area over here, is what illuminated. So, this was a section that was cut out," forensic investigator Rober Charlton said.

The preliminary hearing is expected to take a week. The case will resume Tuesday morning.

Floyd Galloway Jr. in court Sept. 9, 2019. (WDIV)
Floyd Galloway Jr. in court Sept. 9, 2019. (WDIV)

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