Judge revokes bond for man accused of Detroit girl's rape who fled on bond twice prior

DETROIT – U.S. marshals were in shock Thursday when a judge gave Corey Deshawn Gaston a bond. 

Gaston, 41, was arrested Oct. 1 in Mexico after 11 years on the run. He was on U.S. Marshals' list of 15 Most Wanted fugitives.

Gaston is accused of breaking into a 10-year-old girl's bedroom June 27, 2007, through her window. He put her over his shoulder and ran to an alley, where he raped her, police said.

A rape kit was administered to the victim, and she identified Gaston from a lineup of photos, police said.

An arrest warrant was issued for Gaston. He was arrested in Georgia and returned to Michigan for prosecution.

He was granted bail in August 2007 and was expected to return to court in February 2008 but didn't show. The Detroit Fugitive Apprehension Team located Gaston in the Detroit area, but he escaped. 

The Wayne County Prosecutor's Office said Gaston has absconded on bond twice and is a serious flight risk.

That's why marshals couldn't believe Gaston was given bond and another chance to run.

"I thought it was a done deal," said Deputy U.S. Marshal Aaron Garcia. "I was just amazed."

Prosecutors also objected and asked for an emergency hearing Friday to ask Wayne County Judge Prentis Edwards to revoke Gaston's bond. 

This time, the judge agreed to hold Gaston. Still, the marshals were in shock that one of their most wanted fugitives was given a bond in the first place.

Gaston was charged with first-degree home invasion, first-degree criminal sexual conduct, second-degree criminal sexual conduct and kidnapping.

Prosecutors requested Gaston be remanded, but Prentis initially granted him a $250,000 bond, with terms of a GPS tether and a defendant screening unit referral.


Prentis said he was given new information Friday and rescinded Gaston's bail.

Gaston is expected to return to court Oct. 16.

Corey Gaston (WDIV)
Corey Gaston (WDIV)


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