Clawson Public Schools reaches out to Troy School District for possible merger

Clawson school district reaches out to Troy for possible merger

CLAWSON, Mich. – Clawson Public Schools needs a solution to declining enrollment and is looking to a neighboring school district for a possible solution.

The news of the possible future of Clawson schools spread quickly around the small town Tuesday.

“I think I’m really glad they came to a conclusion,” Amy Barns said.

Barns is the parent of two children who attend Clawson schools.

“It seems like that’s the best thing for the school district than that’s exactly what we have to do,” Barns said.

Superintendent Tim Wilson said it was a tough decision, but it’s the best move for the school district as a whole.

“Over the years, going forward, we are projecting that the declining enrollment will continue,” Wilson said.

He said the declining enrollment is forcing the district to make some tough decisions across the board.

“It’s just causing a financial hardship on the district. We’re stable right now, but as we move forward it’s going to continue to cause issues,” Wilson said. “We needed to make a formal ask to them to consider having us to join their district through the annexation process and they both passed that.”

Wilson said this is the best situation for everyone involved. He will ask for students to stay in their schools and teachers to keep their jobs.