Allegations of racism investigated after Almont-Denby playoff game ends in chaos

Almont superintendent investigating racism allegations at football game

OAKLAND COUNTY, Mich. – Two school districts are investigating a fight during a playoff game between Denby High School football players and fans at Almont High School.

People from both sides have said what took place was unacceptable.

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Denby High School football parent Patrick McKnight said it’s an absolute shame what took place following the semifinals of the state championship between Denby and Almont.

“You’ve got adults, racial slurs, spitting -- this, that and the other. It’s sad, it’s unfortunate, but it is what it is,” McKnight said.

The Detroit Public Schools Community District released this statement:

“Based upon preliminary findings, ‎it is our understanding that Almont adult spectators were cursing and spitting on our coaches and players after the game while leaving the field. The disrespect toward the city, school, and players continued on social media after the game where Almont fans used numerous racist stereotypes. We look forward to getting to the bottom of what occurred based on factual evidence to determine the district’s next steps on how to best support our school and it’s administration, coaches, and students."

Almont Community Schools superintendent, Dr. William Kalmar, said from his perspective that wasn’t the case.

“While there were cheers and taunts, I did not necessarily hear anything that would be considered to be racial epithets or slurs. Not saying that didn’t happen. I’m just saying that we don’t have evidence of it,” Kalmar said.

The principal and the athletic director at Almont agree there were some agitators in the Almont crowd. If any are proved to have used racial slurs school officials said they’ll face major consequences.

“If there are members of the community that poured gasoline on the fire, we’re working to identify those and once we find out who they are, they’re going to be banned from our campus and any event that we have here,” Athletic Director Ross Gauthier said.

Local 4 has also been told since the game’s conclusion there has been a lot of back and forth on social media between members from both communities.

Each district will also hold its on internal investigation.

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