Yes, police know when you’re drunk behind the wheel -- even if you think you’re driving carefully

Police watch for subtle signs

Rochester Hills, Mich. – Thousands of people packed Metro Detroit bars Wednesday night, and local police departments beefed up patrols as they typically do the night before Thanksgiving.

It’s a huge bar night, and even with all the options for getting home safely, such as Uber, police were still busy.

Local 4 rode along with Oakland County Sheriff’s Deputy James Morgan, who shared that tactics intoxicated drivers use to avoid being pulled over don’t really work.

Morgan said some drivers will drive really slowly or they put excessive distance between themselves and another vehicle to make it appear like they aren’t driving drunk, but police pick up on the subtle signs.

Police also pay closer attention to vehicles zipping around residential areas.

“When you stop the car and you find it’s not from the local area, then you find out where they’re coming from and where they’re going doesn’t really justify why they’re cutting through neighborhoods, it looks like they’re trying to keep themselves hidden," he said.

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