📸 And the winners of our Spring Photo Challenge are...

"Tulip in the evening" by Bhumsoo Kim (Bhumsoo Kim)

Good morning!

After seeing the community response to our annual Fall Photo Challenge, we decided to launch a Spring Photo Challenge to capture this gorgeous area in bloom. We received a record number of submissions featuring stunning flowers, wildlife and -- inevitably -- a little snow (we are in Michigan after all).

Scroll through the winning photos below.

🥳️ Also, congratulations to A4 readers Barb and Mackenzie who each won a free one-hour cooking class from last week’s newsletter!

Have a great rest of the week.

- Meredith (@meredith_A4)

"Morning spring dew" by Dranna Cody (Dranna Cody)
"Such beauty" by Dranna Cody (Dranna Cody)
"Tulip season in Ann Arbor" by Liza McArdle (Liza McArdle)
"Jane Magnolia" by DJ McRee (DJ McRee)
"Front Yard Tree" by Bridgette McRee (Bridgette McRee)
Untitled by Alyssa Paynter (Alyssa Paynter)
Untitled by Alyssa Paynter (Alyssa Paynter)
"April morning" by Charles Watts (Charles Watts)
"Tulips in Purgatory" by Wayne Bromfield (Wayne Bromfield)
"Complementary Tulips" by Hallie Levine (Hallie Levine)
"April spring snow" by Zhen Su (Zhen Su)
"House Finch Takes Up Gardening" by Ryan Henyard (Ryan A. Henyard)
"White-Breasted Nuthatch" by Ryan Henyard (Ryan A. Henyard)
"Blue Jay working" by Zhen Su (Zhen Su)
"Blooming!" by Peter Honeyman (Peter Honeyman)
"Yellow" by Geneva Willis (Geneva Willis)
"Forsythia bush" by Maureen Galster (Maureen Galster)
"Sunning at West Park" by Doris Noblin (Doris Noblin)
"Spring snow flowers" by Aderyn Sol (Aderyn Sol)

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