Lead detective in Chelsea Small murder says he’s still constantly thinking about case

Small killed Nov. 12, 2013, in Taylor

Chelsea Small
Chelsea Small

TAYLOR, Mich. – It’s been nearly seven years since Chelsea Small was murdered in Taylor, and the lead investigator in her case said not a moment goes by when he isn’t thinking about finding the killer.

Small was working Nov. 12, 2013, at the Advance America check cashing place on Telegraph Road in Taylor.

A man with a silenced gun walked in and shot Small twice, killing her, officials said. He took a small amount of cash from the scene, according to authorities.

The man has never been identified.

Josh Schneider, the lead detective in the case, told the Local 4 Defenders that not a moment goes by in his life when he isn’t thinking about finding Small’s killer.

All of the evidence in the case was gathered the day Small was shot. The bullets used were put into a national database to track them. No matches were found.

If robbery was the motive, investigators question why Small was shot first when she had access to much more money.

Nothing in Small’s background would indicate that the shooting was personal, according to police.

The last solid tip authorities received came in November 2019.

You can hear from Schneider in Shawn Ley’s full video above.

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