Judge lowers bond for alleged leader of group in terrorist plot against Whitmer

Bond set at 1% of what Michigan AG requested

Prosecutors said the two men were founders of the Wolverine Watchmen and allowed other suspects charged to train on their Jackson County property.

LANSING, Mich. – The bond hearing for two men charged in connection with the domestic terrorist plot against Gov. Gretchen Whitmer was held Friday.

Prosecutors claim Pete Musico and Joseph Morrison are founding members of Wolverine Watchmen and allowed other suspects to train on their property in Jackson County.

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Musico, reported to be the head of the Wolverine Watchmen, had his bond hearing first.

His lawyer said Musico can’t be charged with terrorism for planning and training for a terrorist attack against the governor if they didn’t act on the plans. He also said that Musico was kicked out of the Wolverine Watchmen for being too soft.

The Attorney General’s Office said Musico is a danger and his group had real plans to kidnap Whitmer and other state officials. The office wanted a $10 million bond, but the judge sided with Musico and reduced the bond to $100,000.

If he makes bond, Musico will be set free and monitored by a tether.

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