Detroit contractor helps rehab veteran’s house for free

America honors those who served our country on Veterans Day

DETROIT – As America pauses to honor those who served our country on Veterans Day, a Detroit contractor is helping to rehab one veteran’s house free of charge.

Renita Wilson, of SEIU Home Health Care Providers, was overcome with emotion when she checked on William Norman -- an 81-year-old Army veteran. He was forced from his home months ago, but soon, he’ll be back in it.

On May 7, a tree from the egress outside crashed on Norma’s home. Wilson has been fighting to get him some help.

“I was fighting for him,” Wilson said. “I fought for you to be where I am today.”

Norman’s service means so much to him.

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“Everything,” he said. “Nothing like America, the greatest country in the world.”

The city removed the tree, but the damaged left behind was costly. Disability Network Wayne County, the Wayne County Community Action Agency and Congresswoman Rashida Tlaib came together to help Wilson.

“When I got here, I was shocked,” said Orlando Robinson, of Flipping Detroit. “The damage was devastating.”

Robinson owns Flipping Detroit, a contracting company. He said he and his crew will pay for the rest of the job.

“I was a Marine,” Robinson said. “He served his country, and it is our responsibility and it is our duty to help him.”

Norman should be back in his home within two weeks.

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