Youth hockey website Puck54 goes offline as Metro Detroit parents come forward with reports of bullying, harassment

‘Puck54 is the most toxic website every created,’ parent says

Youth hockey site Puck 54 goes offline as parents detail more bullying, harassment
Youth hockey site Puck 54 goes offline as parents detail more bullying, harassment

WATERFORD, Mich. – The controversy and outrage directed at a post online that threatened a 9-year-old hockey player continues.

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An adult said the grade school hockey player should hang himself after a bad game, that he’d provide the rope and would help tie the knot.

Families said Puck54 users have stalked and harassed their children too.

Parents said the anonymous blog is a danger and that hockey parents can post anything they want about families and the child players.

“I was disgusted and angry,” said one parent.

The 9-year-old goalie was target by name after a game at Waterford’s Lakeland Arenas in the Lakeland Hockey Association.

The Oakland County Sheriff’s Officer were asked to investigate, but the parents of the boy did not make a report.

The child’s coach told the detective that too much was being made of the post, but a terrified hockey parent reached out to Local 4 and said their family has been harassed and stalked by a Puck54 user. They said there were deeply personal, detailed and anonymous attacks that targeted their 12-year-old child.

“I don’t know if it’s a parent or a coach, but this person doesn’t deserve to hold a place in my child’s life,” the parent said.

An attorney is working on a a restraining order for the family.

Another family told Local 4 that their daughter was told by a Puck54 users to get gender reassignment surgery.

As of Friday, Puck54 has since gone offline.

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