More problems uncovered as investigators dig at Detroit cemetery for third day

Police, FBI dig up remains in search for missing loved ones at Detroit’s Gethsemane Cemetery

More problems uncovered as digging continues at Detroit cemetery

DETROIT – For a third day, crews dug up graves at Gethsemane Cemetery as families fear their loved ones are buried in the wrong place.

Sources told Local 4 the job of digging up and unearthing burial vaults is a difficult and heartbreaking job.

Rekita Benson’s husband was shot and killed four years ago. She said she’s unable to find her husband’s grave.

Detroit detective Sgt. Shannon Jones was at the crime scene four years ago and she’s now in charge of figuring out what has gone wrong at Gethsemane Cemetery.

Benson said authorities are finding bodies buried on top of bodies and that cemetery officials are being evasive.

Local 4 was told that most of the burial vaults are off by inches, headstones are misplaced or not placed at all and multiple families appear to be unable to find their loved one’s correct resting place.

Investigators said they are finding vaults buried on top of other vaults.

The investigation is ongoing.

You can watch Shawn Ley’s story in the video above.

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