‘Enough is Enough’ -- Dozens arrested in Detroit police program targeting violent offenders

Interim police chief adds to crime crackdown plans in Detroit

Detroit police announce 2-day crackdown on gun violence

DETROIT – Police announced Operation Restore Order, Enough is Enough, a two-day sweep by Detroit police targeting violent criminals in the city.

The program was announced Thursday morning, but it already is showing results.

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According to authorities, 28 arrests were made before 4 p.m.

The operation is in direct response to the rise in gun violence in the past week. Police said Detroit is seeing a 16% jump in homicides in this year.

Officers with the Detroit and Michigan State police departments searched for a murder suspect they tracked from the city’s east side. Two women were glad to see the police in the area, but they refused to go on camera and be identified, afraid of retaliation.

The fatal shooting of 2-year-old Brison Christian and the deaths of Deandre Fizer III and his fiancée, Tonia Carter, sparked interim Detroit police chief James White to act.

“We are unapologetic,” White said. “This is what the police do.”

Officers have known targets who have warrants out for gun violence. On Wednesday, the operation hit the west side and a suspect wanted for murder in April was arrested.

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