5 arrested in connection to at least 7 carjackings across Metro Detroit

Metro Detroit police departments work with FBI to investigate

Police and the FBI said members of a carjacking ring would stop at nothing to steal the cars they wanted.

DETROIT – Five people have been arrested in connection to at least seven carjackings across Metro Detroit.

Police said the suspects would stop at nothing to steal the cars they wanted. Police also believe the seven cases are just the beginning.

All of the carjackings happened in Detroit, Dearborn, and Southfield. The carjackers were after very specific cars; Grand Cherokees, Chargers, Challengers, and Malibus.

The crew arrested included four men and one woman. Police said in Southfield a driver was at a gas station putting air in the tire of his Grand Cherokee with his back turned when the carjackers attacked. He ran away, but they still shot him in the back three times. He is expected to survive.

Detroit police, Southfield police, Dearborn police, and the FBI are all working together to track down the carjackers. Police are requesting charges on three of the five suspected carjackers but the investigation is ongoing.

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