Crews aim to fix Harsens Island Ferry dock for Friday commutes

Crews are hopeful that the Harsens Island ferry dock will be back open Friday.
Crews are hopeful that the Harsens Island ferry dock will be back open Friday.

CLAY TOWNSHIP, Mich. – The Harsens Island Ferry was back in action Thursday, making continual runs back and forth to the island.

Unfortunately, it’s only open to pedestrians, leaving vehicles stranded on the island for another night.

The dock collapsed and a crane took out power lines on the island Wednesday, leaving many residents stranded.

“I’m 75 and I don’t need this kind of stress," said Midgie Fannon. "I love my house. I worked hard to maintain it with high water levels. They’ve had all year to fix these docks and he hasn’t.”

Fannon was talking about the Harsens Island Ferry Service that worked to fix the damaged dock -- large vehicles haven’t been allowed to cross onto the island for about two months.

Other residents, like 82-year-old Leonard Biskoski, spent the night at hotels Wednesday night.

Dustin Mizell, a Downriver tile mason, said the ferry being unavailable has caused serious issues for him.

“We’re working on a house, tiling and a shower," Mizell said. “If you finish that today, you’re done right?” asked Local 4 Reporter Rod Meloni. “We’re gonna have to walk across to get a ride from here and leave the truck. The truck can’t go”, answered Mizell.

Officials said they believe the dock will be fixed and ready for motor vehicles by Friday morning.

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