Wayne County Circuit Court issues jury duty scam warning

Scammers threaten arrest, demand money

Frank Murphy Hall Of Justice
Frank Murphy Hall Of Justice

DETROIT – Scammers claiming to be with the Third Judicial Circuit Court of Wayne County are using threats to get money out of people.

According to officials, people are receiving calls from someone who claims to be from the court. The caller tells the victim that they missed jury duty, and they will be arrested or a warrant will be issued for their arrest if they don’t pay a citation immediately.

Scammers have also asked for personal information, including Social Security numbers.

The scammer may claim to be a law enforcement officer or a court deputy. Some scammers have even provided a badge number and phone number to victims.

The Third Judicial Circuit Court does not call people over missed jury duty, officials said.

If you receive a call from someone regarding missed jury duty, you are asked to get as much information about the caller as possible and contact local police.

Those who have missed jury duty can contact the court regarding the issue.

If you were to serve at the Coleman A. Young Municipal Center, call 313-224-5650. If you were to serve at Frank Murphy Hall of Justice, call 313-224-2507. If you do not call, you may receive a Show Cause Order requiring you to appear in court to explain why you missed jury duty.

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