Madison Heights to take man responsible for I-696 contamination to court

Hexavalent chromium leaks from condemned business

MADISON HEIGHTS, Mich. – Gary Sayers, the 77-year-old man whose condemned Madison Heights business is responsible for the I-696 spill, is being taken to court by the city of Madison Heights.

Sayers was unable to attend Wednesday’s motion hearing because he has been serving time in federal prison since Friday for illegally storing hazardous materials.

The city of Madison Heights wants Sayers to demolish the condemned Electroplating Service building that has been leaking hexavalent chromium onto the highway. Officials with the city said they will demolish the building themselves if Sayers does not comply.

Sayers’ attorney asked the judge to adjourn the case for a year. He argued his absence means he won’t be able to defend himself in the courtroom. The judge denied the motion and said Sayers could testify through video conferences.

The court is expected to work with the Federal Bureau of Prisons to allow Sayers to testify through video.

The city is hoping to have officials with the Environment Protection Agency to testify Monday, but they have declined to do so.

The EPA established a website dedicated to Sayers’ condemned business. Click here to access the EPA’s official page on Electro-Plating Services..

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