Testimony heard in case against man accused of stabbing grandfather at grandson’s birthday party

Miguel Mansour using insanity defense

UTICA, Mich. – Testimony was heard Tuesday in the case against a man accused of stabbing a grandfather to death at his grandson’s first birthday party. It happened at a park in Utica on Sept. 1, 2018.

The testimony seemed to focus on the defendant’s mental health and just how serious his history of mental illness was. The detective on the case took the stand Tuesday and as part of his testimony they played his entire video interrogation with the 22-year-old defendant Miguel Mansour. In the interrogation Mansour admitted to killing Michael Shereda.

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Mansour sat calmly in the Utica Police Department interrogation room on Sept. 1, explaining to a detective what he sees when he goes out in the world.

“Everywhere I look it’s all I think about ... ‘This guy’s a human, this guy’s an alien, this guy’s a human, this guy’s going to kill this person If I don’t do something about it,’” Mansour said.

Mansour spoke about seeing and killing aliens. Two hours before the interrogation Mansour told police he was doing drugs, whippets, when Shereda approached him. Shereda asked him to stop doing drugs in front of the kids.

“He was moving toward me with his fist clenched and I thought he was going to attack me, so I grabbed my knife and I stabbed him and he fell down,” Mansour said.

Mansour said he thought Shereda was an alien and the next thing he remembers is an officer placing him under arrest.

“I realized what happened. I was in a police car all over me and there was a dead body,” Mansour said. “I realized it was the alien that approached me.”

The defense called his mother who said Mansour became suicidal in recent years and at one point he had said to her that the TV was talking to him, specifically about aliens.

She said that led to him being admitted to at least one psychiatric hospital.

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