Neighbors say Southwest Detroit home went up in flames in seconds

Woman, firefighter injured

Firefighter hurt rescuing 21-year-old woman from burning Detroit home
Firefighter hurt rescuing 21-year-old woman from burning Detroit home

DETROIT – Neighbors on Luther Street say a home went up in flames in just a matter of seconds Friday.

A 21-year old woman was inside this home at the time of the fire, screaming for help.

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“I see a slight bit of smoke billowing off the face boards of the rooftop and I tell Teddy, ‘The house is on fire, let’s go,’” Michael Singleton said.

Singleton lives right behind the home. He saw the thick smoke coming from the house. Singleton and his neighbor rushed right over.

The fire started around 10:30 a.m. Friday, with a 21-year old woman stuck inside.

“As soon as we got over here, it was before the firetrucks got here, the window was already broken out. Teddy hoisted me up into the bedroom, and then all of a sudden a black smoke cascaded into my face,” Singleton said.

Singleton said the smoke was too thick to enter from that side of the house.

“Everything happened so fast. The house went up so quick,” Singleton said.

Singleton said they had to turn around.

“We just couldn’t get to her. No one could get to her,” he said.

They heard the woman screaming.

“If that was my daughter, how could you not go in?” Singleton said.

But all they could do was wait for help.

Minutes after arriving at the home, fire crews also ran inside. They were able to get the woman out alive, but her hands and feet were burned. A firefighter was also injured. His mask fell off. He was rushed to the hospital for smoke inhalation.

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