Could a legal place to do donuts curb dangerous stunts on Detroit roads? Drivers think so

Documentary highlights driving that blocks roads

Drivers block the Lodge Freeway in Detroit to do donuts in June 2019. (WDIV)

DETROIT – Drivers who hit Detroit streets to perform stunts know it’s dangerous, and they want somewhere they can legally do donuts and burnouts.

“We know it’s dangerous and we know what comes with it,” Tommi Mahone said. "And that’s why we need a spot. It’s just as simple as that.”

Mahone was featured in a documentary by Vice that shows drivers blocking busy intersections to drift while groups watch.

Watch the documentary below.

The documentary comes after two viral videos showed traffic stopped on Lodge Freeway and I-94 while drivers did donuts in the middle of the roadway last year.

When the police show up, the drivers flee to another location. According to the drivers, this sometimes happens multiple times in a night.

Drivers block traffic on I-94 in Detroit in December 2019. (WDIV)

“Not one of them can drive. They are not professional race care drivers," Chief James Craig said after the I-94 video last year. “Imagine blocking a freeway and engaging in this 360 burnout sideshow, and the car loses control, flips the median and goes into oncoming traffic. It could happen. You put people’s lives at risk, extreme risk.”

The documentary showed a clip of a car flipping and catching fire. Other videos showed people being hit by vehicles while trying to film them or standing in the audience.

WATCH: Detroit police release video of driver who hit bystander while doing donuts

Mahone said he has meet with city officials and people from the mayor’s office three or four times to discuss having an area off of the streets where drivers can continue what they are doing without stopping traffic or putting others in danger.

A similar push has been made by people who drive all-terrain vehicles on city streets, but there is still no place for the vehicles to be legally driven in Detroit.

Watch Vice’s documentary below. (Warning: There is explicit language.)