Wayne Memorial High School student diagnosed with concussion after rollover crash he said he was told to keep secret

Student had double vision, ringing in his ears and a headache

WAYNE, Mich. – Wayne Memorial High School wrestlers said their coach told them not to tell after they were involved in a rollover crash in his vehicle.

Vonda Shiggs had to find out from an athletic trainer at the high school that her son, Jaden, had suffered a concussion. She didn’t discover this until three days after the crash happened.

UPDATE: ‘This is disappointing’: Wayne wrestling coach accused of covering up rollover crash could face charges

Three boys on the wrestling team were headed to a meet in Howell on Saturday. Their bus was canceled and their coach told the students to get in his car. The vehicle was involved in a crash at the I-96 Howell exit and the car rolled over.

The boys were told to crawl out of the car and another coach came and put them on a bus to go to the meet. Nobody was taken to a hospital.

“I’m infuriated. I’m still infuriated every single time I think about it,” Shiggs said.

The boys said they were told not to say anything and then went in to wrestle at the meet despite the crash. The students didn’t say anything until Tuesday when Jaden said his symptoms got worse.

He had double vision, ringing in his ears and a terrible headache. He confided in the school athletic trainer, who diagnosed the concussion and told his mother.

"How is it so many adults that are responsible for children dropped the ball? Shiggs asked.

The school said the situation is under investigation.

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