Bodycam video shows judge’s 2018 DUI arrest in Northern Michigan

Judge David Parrot’s legal problems continue to mount.

MANISTEE COUNTY, Mich. – Judge David Parrot’s legal problems continue to mount.

Tuesday he appeared in a Northern Michigan courtroom for a bond hearing after his arrest two weeks ago in a domestic dispute in his Van Buren Township home.

Video has also been released of the judge’s original arrest for a DUI in Northern Michigan. Parrott, 60, is accused of driving his car off the road in Manistee County while intoxicated on Christmas Day 2018.

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Parrot’s SUV went into a ditch over the 2018 holidays. The road makes a hard left turn and it appears Parrot didn’t make that turn. A tow truck operator couldn’t get the SUV out of the snow and that brought the sheriff’s office to the scene.

Parrot agrees to a sobriety test and in his first test he starts talking and moves his head. This prompts the officer to move right to the breathalyzer test.

Parrot appears to realize he’s in trouble and tries to make the trouble go away.

“It’s really embarrassing,” Parrot said on the video. “Anything we can do?”

At that the officer placed Parrot in handcuffs and put him in the police car. The officer said he’d get him to do a blood test.

Tuesday the judge’s bond for the incident ended up reviewed by a Manistee judge. Parrot must take 4 breath tests a day and submit those findings to the court in Southeast Michigan.

The judge in Manistee altered his bond to include sending those results to a court up North too.

WATCH: Body cam footage shows Wayne County Judge David Parrott’s drunken driving arrest in 2018

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