How a successful Detroit inventor solves life’s little problems, wants to give back

Orlando Robinson has 10 patented products

DETROIT – Ever since he was a teenager, Orlando Robinson has been looking for ways to solve some of life’s dilemmas.

“I got ideas. I got products for days and days and days,” he said. “It’s a headache because I’m just always trying to solve problems. ‘What’s the solution?’”

Born and raised in the Detroit, the former Marine is an African American inventor behind 10 patented products

“I designed everything in my head and then I just grab all raw material. I make it, and then from there comes my design for a production-grade product,” Robinson said.

Those products include the MoDesk -- a laptop case that transforms into a mobile desk partially inspired by the Motor City.

“I made this because my laptop fell off my lap, it broke -- so I created that product,” he said.

That’s just one of the latest products you can find in stores. Many of Robinson’s inventions are designed with safety in mind like the Igniteless.

“Whether it’s a gas stove or an electric stove, if you fall asleep, if you leave, if you forget your cooking, as soon as it starts to smoke, my product will shut it off,” Robinson said.

With so much success, Robinson has easily become a multi millionaire, but has remained humbled with plans of re-investing a large portion of those funds back into the same community he grew up in.

“We want to completely fund, a coding fund, in Detroit Public Schools, completely funded by us. All we want Detroit Public Schools to do is give us the students and the classroom,” he said.

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