Hundreds of residents pack explosive Detroit City Council meeting to demand answers about overtaxing

City overtaxed homeowners

DETROIT – About 500 Detroit homeowners angry about overtaxing packed a City Council meeting Tuesday to demand answers.

Residents expressed their displeasure during the three hour long meeting about foreclosures and property assessments. It is alleged that the city overtaxed homeowners $6 million between 2010 and 2016.

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“How can you foreclose on someone when you owe them money ?” one resident said.

Others were angry that City Council President Brenda Jones made a comment about how the auditorium where the meeting was held cost $6,000 to use.

“The first thing, Brenda, is address the level of disrespect you show for the people in this auditorium,” another resident said.

Many are demanding a moratorium on foreclosures and evictions and want the city to wipe out property tax payment plans. The city’s chief financial officer said that option is not legally possible.

“The law department is looking at a way to return homes if people were foreclosed through the Buy It Back program or other programs we can move people to the front of the line,” David Massaron said.

That’s not enough for many of the residents.

“How dare you disrespect longtime Detroiters who paid their bills. What are you all doing?” a resident said.

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