Online school work won’t count toward curriculum, state officials say

LANSING, Mich. – Michigan school officials dropped a bomb on students, teachers and parents Friday -- the online work students have been doing from home won’t count toward the curriculum.

ORIGINAL STORY: Michigan Department of Education announces online schooling will not count as instructional time

Residents are concerned some children could be held back or worse.

Despite incredible challenges, teachers throughout Metro Detroit have been working on ways to educate their students remotely.

The Michigan Department of Education indicated Friday that -- short of legislation action -- the lessons and work will not count academically and the statutory 180 days of learning will remain intact. The missed days, due to school closures, will have to be made up.

While the CDC has given guidance that schools should remain closed for more than three weeks, Gov. Gretchen Whitmer said she’s hopeful students will be able to return after April 6. However, if students don’t, the days will have to be made up on the back end of their return, which means Michigan’s teachers would need additional pay or their contracts would be in violation.

The letter from MDE can be read here.

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