1/3 of people with coronavirus (COVID-19) in Windsor work in Michigan, officials say

Health experts ask Canadians who work in Michigan to follow recommendations

DETROIT – Health officials in Windsor are finding a common denominator in one-third of the city’s coronavirus (COVID-19) cases: They are people who work in Michigan.

Experts have asked those workers to follow some specific recommendations to stop the spread of the virus. There’s a sense of urgency because Detroit has more cases than all of Ontario.

Officials said 20 of Windsor-Essex County’s confirmed coronavirus case are in healthcare workers who work in Detroit. Overall, the province of Ontario, Canada was reporting 1,966 cases and 33 deaths as of Tuesday.

UPDATE -- MARCH 30, 2020: Michigan coronavirus cases up to 6,498; Death toll now at 184

Dr. Wajid Ahmed wants to immediately limit their travel.

“If people are going, let’s say, three times a week, or maybe every day to Michigan, can they just go maybe once and then stay there, and then come back?” Ahmed said.

When they return to Windsor, they should stay inside, Ahmed said.

“Maybe the end of the weekend or something, just to limit that movement as much as possible,” Ahmed said. “The second recommendation, which we asked about, is maybe to go work-home isolation. So when they’re at work, when they’re coming back, they’re just isolating themselves. They’re not going outside."

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