Curbside Detroit: Movement urges residents to support local restaurants with takeout, delivery

Access your favorite meals during restaurant shutdown

DETROIT – New numbers from the National Restaurant Association are showing $25 billion in lost sales and an estimated 3 million jobs lost.

A new movement -- Curbside Detroit -- is an effort to support local restaurants and businesses in Detroit.

How can you get food during the stay-at-home order?

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The concept is simple -- not all restaurants are able to withstand losing revenue during the epidemic.

Curbside Detroit is urging people to utilize delivery or takeout services. Restaurants are a staple in the community and closures could affect everyone.

Grub Hub, Door Dash and Uber eats have introduced ways to order food delivery where the customer has zero contact with the delivery person. The food will be left by the front door and no cash is exchanged.

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Anyone who believes they might have coronavirus should follow the CDC guidelines. Michigan.gov has a list of resources available to those concerned about COVID-19.

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