How to handle groceries safely during coronavirus pandemic

Will the coronavirus survive in the refrigerator or freezer?

While we don’t have tests on this new coronavirus specifically, a 2010 study that used related viruses found those viruses survived longer at both lower temperatures and at lower humidity. Unfortunately, that means putting groceries in the fridge is more likely to preserve the virus on those items longer, and the virus likely would survive the freezer.

What to do with perishable items

Obviously, certain items will need to be refrigerated. You might want to prioritize wiping off those items, or at least use extra caution about washing your hands after touching the outside of them.

What to do with non-perishable items

As for non-perishable items such as cans and boxes of food, you can wipe them down or you can save your cleaning supplies and instead place the items somewhere to sit for two or three days. If there is any virus on them, it will die after two or three of days.

Always wash fruits and vegetables

Fruits and vegetables should always be washed thoroughly. Pleas remember, never put any chemicals cleaners directly onto your food. That can cause an entirely different problem.

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