Coronavirus text exchange: Worries about shopping for groceries

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Some stores in the Ann Arbor area has designated shopping times for seniors and those at-risk. (Pixabay)

About half of the people who joined WDIV’s new text exchange about coronavirus said they’re worried about buying groceries with the virus spreading through our communities.

Of the 147 messages we received, 75 said they didn’t feel safe shopping for groceries right now. Still, most of those who did feel safe said they’re taking extra precautions by practicing social distancing, wearing gloves and cleaning food when they got home.

WDIV collected the responses from text-based conversations about coronavirus with people who opted in to receive the alerts. You can join by texting HEALTH to 1-877-454-9348 or entering your phone number here:

We’re sending coronavirus text alerts a few times, or as needed, to convey important information. Each message includes an important update, plus a question for people to answer. Responses help inform our reporting and can lead a text exchange providing more information. Due to volume we can’t respond to everyone, but we do our best.

Grocery store conversation

Here are select responses we received after asking people about groceries:

“6 feet from others, disinfectant on hands before and right after shopping."

“Bringing with me alcohol spray and handi wipes.”

“Not touching face at all when shopping. Using hand sanitizer before getting into my car, and washing hands thoroughly when getting home.”

“Yes, we are shopping early morning, keeping 6 feet away, using a wipe to open the doors, wiping down groceries and spraying produce with vinegar before putting away”

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“I arrive at the store at opening. Have my list and be prepared to get in and out.”

“I’m a senior and even the “senior hours” don’t make me feel safe.”

For people who said they’re not worried about grocery shopping, most said they had a supply of food to last some time or planned to use delivery and curbside pickup when they need food.

“The plan for us is to make a list of everything we could possibly need to limit any return trips. Also, to use rubber gloves during shopping, wash and wipe all that we touch. Lastly, seek out stores that do not have too much traffic.”

“I’ve been doing all of my food shopping online, either ordering long term storage supplies (weeks ago) or using InstaCart for perishables (which still need to be scheduled a week in advance). Groceries dropped off outside door then when I bring in, I do a wipedown/clean."

“I have lots in my freezer. For perishables, I use Shipt shopping.”