Here’s how online learning is going for students around Metro Detroit

Romeo schools ready to roll out ‘Week 5’ plan

ROMEO, Mich. – It’s been weeks since school buildings were closed and children in Metro Detroit were forced to take their studies home. Local 4 checked in with how online learning is going for students in the area.

You can talk to 60 different school districts and get 60 different progress reports on how remote learning is going.

Detroit just rolled out its new plan last night. Some districts are already doing video calls with students.

Romeo schools are about to roll out what they call “Week 5” next week.

Julia Russo, a mother of three, said her children are still experiencing enrichment learning. On Wednesday, she had an opportunity to speak with the superintendent of Romeo Community Schools, Todd Robinson.

Without question, there are still challenges. Macomb County still has about 30% of students with deficits in connectivity and access to remote learning devices on technology.

In the Romeo school district, with has 5,200 students, 10% have deficits. Officials said that’s still too many.

But with “Week 5″ rolling out, Russo and other parents should see a difference in the work and the accountability for children. School officials are calling it remote learning 2.0, where enrichment learning ends and school is back in session. They said it’s remote, but with a cohesive plan.

District officials are still grappling with parents angry about the shutdown or who don’t have the availability to help their children learn at this level.

The biggest change will be as Romeo schools move from an enrichment model to a credit, no credit model. That means work will be graded and there must be accountability for work being completed properly as a way to minimize the learning gap created by the shutdown.

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