What businesses are essential in the new stay-at-home order?

Stay-at-home order extended through May 15

What businesses are essential in the new stay-at-home order?
What businesses are essential in the new stay-at-home order?

OAKLAND COUNTY, Mich. – It was music to the ears of countless homeowners when Gov. Gretchen Whitmer’s extended stay-at-home order allowed landscapers to go back on the job.

Update April 24 -- Michigan coronavirus (COVID-19) cases up to 36,641; Death toll now at 3,085

As businesses start to reopen, many have to adjust to meet a high demand.

“We’re a month behind,” said Randy Matice, with Matice Landscaping in Franklin. “We have to make the best of the time we have left this season.”

Matice will be bringing back his workforce of eight landscapers now that restrictions are being loosened.

“I had a lot of customers calling me and asking when we’ll be out there,” Matice said. “It’s a very exciting Friday.”

Matice Landscaping services about 170 homes a week in Oakland County.

Whitmer said strict guidelines must be followed to keep workers and homeowners safe.

“They should have limited contact with clients, workers should have the PPE they need,” Whitmer said. “Where they are using shared tools, extra sanitation must be taken.”

The response to the new stay-at-home order has been positive with many residents optimistic it’s a step toward Michigan returning to normal.

Additionally, nurseries, gardening stores and the closed areas of big box stores are able to reopen.

“What we’re trying trying to do is make sure our customers feel safe and get their flowers the same way we have for 90 years,” said Kevin Robson.

Robson is the owner of Robson’s Greenhouse in Belleville. He said their 42 greenhouses will look very different this year. Signs are all over the facility reminding customers to stay six feet away from others. That’s not the only precaution they’re taking.

“Our cash register stands already have plexiglass up like in supermarkets,” Robson said.

Robson said he’s grateful he has a week to prepare before the new rules go into effect on May 1.

Anyone who believes they might have coronavirus should follow the CDC guidelines. has a list of resources available to those concerned about COVID-19.

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