Michigan real estate industry resumes in-person home tours, sales with COVID-19 precautions in place

Virtual sales used during pandemic

With realtors back on the job buying, selling homes will be different.
With realtors back on the job buying, selling homes will be different.

DETROIT – In-person home sales resume Thursday, but the coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic has changed the real estate industry.

New precautions will in place when Michigan real estate agents get back to seeing clients.

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Sherice Orzechowshi, with Monzo Group Realty, said she will be able to see four clients at a time, with everyone maintaining 6 feet of distance.

“I am really excited to go back. I have three this weekend,” she said.

While agents are excited to get back to work, things didn’t stop completely because of COVID-19. Monzo Group Realty owner Erick Monzo said his business made changes early on to be prepared.

“We made a lot of adjustments, right out of the gate when this came down and I mean months ago,” he said.

Monzo use 3D software and 4K images of homes to create virtual walk-thru tours that captured every aspect of the houses for sale.

“The month of March we sold 92 homes as a group. That is the exact same number that we sold last March," he said.

The real estate agency resuming has been a sign of hope for other workers after the COVID-19 pandemic shuttered numerous businesses and halted many industries.

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Construction workers also got back to work this week.

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