Detroit company helps essential workers during coronavirus (COVID-19) crisis

Company works to motivate people

DETROIT – Dare to Be is a motivational company designed to help motive people to not give up.

Every month there’s a different design and theme. Lately, however, it’s been all about motivating those still working during the coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic.

“When the pandemic first happened I was kinda like, ‘What can I do?’ As not even as a small business but, ‘What can I do as a human being? To be able to help those on the frontline,’” co-founder and CEO Ty Davis said.

Davis came up with a plan to design his shirts in their honor with Dare To Be #The Frontline.

“When someone buys a “dare to be yourself” shirt someone on the front line gets a dare to be hashtag the frontline’s shirt,” Davis said.

But that’s not all. The essential workers are also given a free meal too.

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“That’s where Papa’s Pizza comes in, on Berkley in Oak Park, and I mean it’s just been great,” Davis said.

Aside from that, Dare to Be has also worked with Amazing Dental to donate N-95 masks to those essential workers in need of personal protective equipment.

“Hearing their stories of, you know, from the grocery store workers to those at the postal office, you know, and even nurses -- they’ve just been so thankful,” Davis said.

Sometimes, it feels like the work is never done. Dare to Be will be handing out dozens of T-shirts and pizzas at Beaumont Hospital this week.

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