How graduates are making the most of the moment without ceremonies

It's an important life milestone -- walking across the stage to get your diploma, but that won't happen for the class of 2020.

It’s an important life milestone, walking across the stage tot get your diploma. That won’t happen for the class of 2020, so a special ceremony was held on all of the major TV Networks. ‘Graduate Tonight’ featured Lebron James, with a commencement speech from Former President Barack Obama.

It’s a hint of disappointment for many seniors apart of Class of 2020. Whether you’re like Eastern Michigan Grad Lindsey Scheidler graduating from college, “I was really looking forward, to walking and getting my diploma with all of my friends. All of my roommates are also graduating, but unfortunately that’s now things ended up,” said Lindsey Scheidler.

Or Dearborn Heights Robichaud Senior Dorien Jones. He’s graduating from high school, “I feel a little disappointed. I wish I could have walked across the stage.”

The official graduation maybe on hold, for now, but Lindsey had her own at her house, “It’s unfortunate, but it’s kind of cool. Literally no other class will be able to say they had Barack Obama and other celebrities, at their graduation. It will be one for the books,” said Scheidler.

Meanwhile, Dorian is preparing for college in the fall, “I’m going to start doing TV and Broadcasting, so I’m trying to get that going.”

Although, things are still up in the air for the Class of 2020, thousands of graduates across the country, even some in Michigan were honored Saturday, as some big celebrities, hosted a special graduation TV Show, honoring them.

Big names graced the screen, from Lebron James to Kevin Hart the comedian. Topping it off, Former President Barack Obama gave the graduation speech.