Kimberly Gill has candid conversation with black mothers about having ‘the talk’ with their children

DETROIT – In the moments before George Floyd’s life was ending, one of the last things he did was call for his mother.

I’m a mother and there’s not a day that goes by that I don’t look at my son and wonder how much longer I have before he begins to lose his innocence. When will people see him as a threat? And, ultimately, when will I have to have “the talk?”

I sat down with three local mothers who are raising black children to get some advice.

Tiffany Douglas, Wendy Batiste-Johnson and Petra Hurt each have two children ranging in age from 10-24 years old.

They’ve all had “the talk” with their children -- some as early as third grade. We sad down for a socially distance candid conversation.

Hear from the mothers in the video above -- and watch part 2 below:

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