Black Lives Matter protest interrupted in Taylor when woman drives through crowd

Police said one woman may have broken leg

TAYLOR, Mich.Black Lives Matter protesters were standing in a street in Taylor when a driver approached them, stopped, and then drove through the crowd and ran over a bicycle.

UPDATE: Taylor police identify woman accused of driving car through protesters

Activist Ethan Ketner caught the incident during an Instagram Live video and shared it to his Facebook page.

At the intersection of Goddard and Telegraph people took a knee for eight minutes and 43 seconds to honor George Floyd. People were clearing the intersection when the incident happened. A bicyclist, Peter Potoski, was riding in his bicycle in the protest.

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In the video clip you can see a protester grab onto the driver’s car from the back passenger side. The driver then speeds forward, running over the bicycle.

“At some point I realized she wasn’t stopping and I dropped my bike and dove out of the way,” Potoski said. “If I hadn’t jumped out of the way she would’ve run me over.”

Police said another woman was hit and may have a broken leg.

Taylor police have filed two reports and are looking for that driver. She’s described as an older White woman with white hair who was driving a white Chevy Impala.

Police are asking for anyone with information to contact them.

“Aggressive driver went through our protest. Nearly ran over multiple people. Caught it on Instagram Live. We have alerted local authorities with license plate information,” Ketner said on the Facebook post.

Watch Ethan Ketner’s video of the incident below:

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